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Our store is focused on providing the highest quality embroidery blanks around. With our high quality fabrics and supreme fits, we are confident that you've found your source for all of your special projects! Our embroidery blanks are produced with 100% cotton and are true-to-size. We try to separate ourselves from the pack by providing products that are made to fit real kids. Whether you are searching for the perfect embroidery gown blanks, snap up onesie blanks, color pajama blanks, or embroidery shirt blanks, we have you covered! Why so much emphasis on quality and fit? We started our business because of our own frustrations in finding quality embroidery blanks that were sized properly!

As you shop, you may see "coming soon" items. These embroidery blanks products are "in the works" and will soon become part of our selection after they have been quality tested. Our white embroidery shirt blanks, onesie blanks, gowns, and blank dresses stay in stock year around for your convenience. As seasons change, so do some of our special products, like blank swimsuits and pajama embroidery blanks. These specialty items can also be limited in supply to guarantee high quality. Although we love to sell, we want a perfect product that you will be thrilled to work with.

Happy shopping from your new favorite embroidery blanks provider!

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