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Blanks Boutique is a family owned and operated children's shirt blanks company. I decided to start this business after running a home-based embroidery and monogramming business, like so many of you! The lack of easily accessible, high quality embroidery and applique blanks was very disappointing. I had a certain standard of quality and fit in mind, and I quickly learned that the shirt blanks I was in search of simply didn't exist.

Embroidery machines have become very affordable in recent years, and the kids shirt blanks market could not support this rise in home-based embroidery and monogramming. Then we came along! Whether you are an embroidery hobbyist, make heat-press tees, own a small business or even a store-front, we warmly welcome your business here. There is no need to drive all over town from store to store in search of blanks! No need to meticulously pick pockets off of tees anymore! Sit there in your comfortable chair and shop with us.

We love to see your photos of kids wearing Blanks Boutique shirts and invite you to visit our Facebook page to share or view others' photos. Our Facebook page also provides you with updates and a place to discuss embroidery, monogramming, etc. in a friendly environment. Your interaction and feedback gives us the ability to design shirt blanks that match your needs!

We are sincerely happy that you found us, and after you get your hands on our amazing quality, true-to-size blanks, you will be, too! We truly hope we can take some of the frustration out of finding girl and boy blanks!

Blanks Boutique

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