• "Do your blanks shrink?"

    We use 6.0 oz 100% combed cotton for our embroidery blanks, and yes, cotton shrinks. Don't worry! Our items are designed with a shrinkage allowance, so they are true-to-size after washing! Our shirts are intentionally cut with extra length to allow for shrinkage. Also, these cotton fibers will swell after washing, so you will notice about a 25% thicker feel after a trip through the wash. If you are purchasing embroidery blanks for personal use, we recommend washing and drying before adding embroidery or heat-press designs. Since many of you will be reselling and not pre-washing, we recommend giving the front of the garment a good, wet, steam-ironing to help engage those fibers.

  • "Do you offer bulk pricing discounts or free shipping?"

    At Blanks Boutique, we are passionate about offering embroidery blanks at wholesale pricing to all of our customers, big or small. Because of this, we have our items priced as low as we can up front. Everybody pays the same price per piece, regardless of how many you need!

Pre-order Questions

  • "What does 'pre-order' mean?"

    Pre-order means that the item is not yet in stock, but you can still order. It provides you the advantage of being at the top of the list for processing. We process on a first-come, first-served basis, and all pre-order embroidery blanks will include a shipping time frame in the product listing.

  • "When will I know that I can pre-order?"

    We always announce pre-order dates! We post on our Facebook Page, website, newsletter, and Twitter. You will also see an update on our home page. Our newsletter will also provide information on upcoming pre-orders. We tend to get very excited about new embroidery blanks!

  • "How long will I be waiting on my pre-order embroidery blanks items?"

    All pre-order blanks include a shipping time frame in the listing.

Standard Order Questions

  • "How long is processing time before my item is shipped?"

    We typically process orders within 24 business hours.

  • "I made a mistake on my order. What can I do?"

    We apologize, but no requests to add additional items to, combine multiple orders, or otherwise alter an order can be honored. We have implemented an automated system that immediately places an order in our fulfillment queue, and it's difficult to search the shipping floor for a particular order. Please double check your order before submission.

  • "I received my tracking information, and I realized that I provided the incorrect shipping address on my order. Can you retrieve my package and ship it to the correct location?"

    No, after an order has left our warehouse, we can not make changes to the shipping address. All orders are shipped to the address associated with the order through our website. Please verify that your shipping information is correct before you complete your order. If you discover your shipping address is incorrect after you have placed your order, contact us as soon as possible. We can not guarantee that we can change an address after an order has begun processing, but we can try. Any orders returned to us due to incorrect shipping information on the order may incur additional shipping fees.

  • "How long does priority shipping take?"

    After your package has left our warehouse, Delivery times typically take 2-3 days, but this can vary. Your tracking number is the perfect way to see where your package is.

  • "I received my order and just opened the package, but there's an issue. What should I do?"

    Contact us as quickly as possible. You can contact us through our "Contact Us" link on our website.

Other Stuff

  • "Can I contact you by posting on your Facebook page?"

    We love to see comments on our Facebook page! Some comment strings can get very lengthy, and comments can be overlooked. We love to see interaction and general comments on our page, but any important questions or anything relating to an order are better asked via email. We don't want to accidentally overlook you!

  • "Hey! I want to suggest a new embroidery blank style. How do I do that?"

    Facebook is generally the best way. Our customers are pretty active on our page. When we see a strong interest, we start to discuss the feasibility. We currently have a long and growing list of styles we will be carrying as we grow!

  • "Why are you ignoring me?"

    Occasionally, our emails will end up in your spam folder... be sure to check in your spam folder if you have asked a question and received no response.

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