Return Policy

If you have an issue with an order you've received, we've made the process of resolving it quick and easy! We don't offer refunds, but we do offer exchanges and store credits to keep you smiling. If you have any questions about our return policy or the returns process, check below for a list of the most common questions we receive. If you can't find your specific issue here, feel free to contact us with your questions.

  • "I have an issue with an order I've received, and I'd like to return an item. Can I return my item?"

    Yes! As long as the items are unwashed and unaltered in any way, you can request a Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA) within 120 days of the original order date. We do not offer returns or exchanges on pre-order or clearance items. Some items have special return policies, so be sure to check the "Return Policy" tab on the product page for additional information.

  • "My item is eligible for an RMA. How do I begin the process?"

    You can start the process of returning your item in one of two ways:

    1. By clicking the "Need to return this product?" link while viewing the order in your order history
    2. By visiting our returns page and selecting the related order. If you don't see the related order in the drop-down box, that order is not eligible for an RMA.

    Using either of the above methods, filling out the RMA request form is quick and easy. Here's how to fill out the form:

    1. Select the order that you want to return items from, if it is not already selected. Once an order is selected, the details, including products, will be displayed further down the form.
    2. Select a quantity to return for each product in the order. For items you wish to keep, simply leave the return quantity '0'.
    3. Once you've selected which items you want to return, scroll down the page to select a reason for your return.
    4. Next, select the desired resolution. As mentioned above, we offer product exchanges and store credits.
    5. Finally, add any comments you feel are necessary to the RMA and submit the form.
  • "I've completed the RMA form. Now what?"

    We process RMA request in the order they are received. Once we receive your RMA request, we assess it for eligibility and, most likely, approve your request. When an RMA request is approved, you'll receive an email outlining the next steps in the process.

  • "I got an email saying that my RMA was approved. What should I do now?"

    It really depends on your specific RMA. In the email, you should have been asked to return your items back to us. Please pack the returning items securely, reusing the original packaging, if possible.

  • "Do I have to pay for return shipping?"

    Not if the return is due to an error on our part. In this case, you will receive a prepaid shipping label to use for returning your items. Once your package is ready, you can even call the USPS&trade and schedule a free pickup. Please note that prepaid labels are only valid for a short period of time, so be sure to ship your package in a timely manner.

  • "The prepaid shipping label link has expired!"

    As mentioned above, the prepaid label is only valid for a short time. If your label has expired, let us know, and we'll attempt to reissue the label. However, we can only reissue a label once, so be sure to ship your return as soon as possible.

  • "I've shipped the return to you. What happens next?"

    Once our returns department receives your shipment, we'll inspect each item in your return and process the RMA. If all RMA requested items are included and in good condition, we'll complete your RMA. You'll receive an email once we've complete this process.

  • "I just got the "RMA Complete" email. Do I need to do anything else?"

    That all depends on how your specific RMA was resolved:

    1. If you're exchanging your item, we'll be shipping you new items. You should receive a tracking number for the shipment once the order has shipped to you.
    2. If you were sent a store credit for your returned items, you should have received a separate email containing information on how to claim your credit.
  • "I just received a store credit for my return. How do I use it?"

    The email you received contains details on how to claim your credit. You can either click the redemption link in the email, or enter the unique redemption code during checkout. Once a store credit is redeemed, the balance is attached to your customer account and can be used to purchased anything on our website.

  • "Do I have to use the whole balance of a store credit in a single order?"

    You don't have to use the whole store credit in one order. If your next order's total is less than the balance of your store credit, the remaining balance will be stored with your customer account. You can continue to use the remaining balance in your account for additional orders until the balance is $0.

  • "What if my order total is more than the balance of the store credit?"

    In this case, if your credit is worth less than the order total, you'll be asked to select a secondary payment method to cover the additional costs.